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What happens now?

Explore what happens once you decide to work with me

Methodology: Welcome
Business Consultant

The Discovery

When you first contact me you will receive first free session that would last for about 15 minutes. During this session I would answer your question and tell you more about how I can help you.

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Book a Session

After the discovery session, a booking to a session would be offered at a mutually convenient date and time. 

You have two options for the session 

  1. Face-to-face session (OR)

  2. Teletherapy (Online session)

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The session would begin with a brief counselling session during this I would ask you specific questions to understand your background and history of your problems and your desired outcome. This would help to set the further course of the session

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Hypnotic Induction

During the next part of the session a hypnotic trance would be induce for you. This would help you further relax and draw your attention inwards towards towards your feelings, thoughts and state of mind.

Be aware that you are always in control and that you do not and would not loose consciousness during hypnosis.

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A few more minutes are spent deepening the hypnotic trance and demonstrating you the suggestibility of your mind. This is a exceptionally calm and relaxed state and your unconscious mind is easily accessible to you.

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You will be regressed to 3-4 scenes in your memory, specific to your problem that you are facing. You will be able to recall and tell the important memories, events and experiences in your past that have lead you to this problem.

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During this step you would be investigating how the memories, feelings and events that have come up during your regression to find the deeper beliefs that you have formed as a result of your experiences.
Your subconscious mind would help you to understand that this beliefs are the root cause of your problems.

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During the disruption phase of your session your will be able to release and vent the dysfunctional and hurtful beliefs.

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Once you have released the dysfunctional beliefs a reframed version of the mindset is spoken back to your mind with is in alignment to your desired outcome.
Here is where you set yourself free from the dysfunctional, limiting and hurtful beliefs that you no longer want.

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Consider this as upgrading your subconscious mind. To assist you in your transformation your will receive suggestions of  empowering transformative beliefs and feelings.

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End of Session

At the end of the session you are bought back to your full awareness feeling positive, relaxed and good about yourself.

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Audio Recording

An audio recording of the transformation phase of the session is sent to you. Listen to this audio recording for next 3 to 4 weeks. This is a crucial step as it would help you to make permanent changes in your mind and life.

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After Session

A 30 minute coaching session would be booked after 21 days of completion of the session to assess the changes and provide any recommendations moving forward.

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Getting ready for the session

Online Session

The session would begin on the time reserved. Please, be ready at least 15 minutes in advance. Please be mindful of the following for the best possible experience

  1. On the day and time of the session, please ensure that you are in a safe environment where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. 

  2. The sessions are structured and scheduled. A delay of even 10 minutes makes it so that session cannot be compleated. Therefore, please be ready for the session at least 15 minutes in advance.

  3. I use zoom for the online sessions. A link to the virtual room and password will be sent to your email. Kindly, do not share these with anyone.

  4. Please familiarise yourself with zoom or the software specified in the email. Check for the following.

    • Check sound output and sound input (microphone).

    • Install the software (if you don't have it already) a day or two in advance and familiarise yourself with it.

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Face-to-Face Session

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

  2. Switch off your mobile phone or switch it to airplane mode.

  3. Wear comfortable clothing.

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