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Depression or Major Depressive Disorder is  a severe medical disorder that requires clinical or professional intervention.

What are the symptoms of Depression?

  1. Loss of interest or pleasure in the activities that you used to enjoy.

  2. Excessive feelings of Guilt or Worthlessness.

  3. Depressed or Sad mood (should have been persistent for two weeks or longer)

  4. Difficulties Concentrating.

  5. Difficulties falling asleep or sleeping too much.

  6. Irritability

When to seek professional Help?

It is normal to feel sad, depressed or not so good time to time. In most cases this is short-term and these feelings usually go away by themselves. However, if this feeling persists for longer than two weeks and if this has significantly affected your quality of life you should seek professional advice.

It is important to keep in mind that Sadness and Grief/Bereavement is not the same as depression.

There are multiple options to help you in coping with depression such as Therapies, Counselling, Medications and lifestyle changes.