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Sleep Sense

Sleep Sense: Sleep Smarter, Live Happier

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 3,499 Indian rupees
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Do you struggle with insomnia or other sleep problems? Do you want to improve your sleep quality and feel more energized and refreshed? If so, Sleep Sense is the service for you. Sleep Sense is a sleep counselling session service that uses clinical hypnosis and lifestyle changes to help you get better sleep. Clinical hypnosis is a safe and effective technique that helps you relax and focus your mind on positive suggestions for improving your sleep habits. Lifestyle changes are simple and practical steps that you can take to enhance your sleep hygiene and reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep Sense will help you: Identify and overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs that interfere with your sleep. Develop healthy sleep routines and behaviors that suit your needs and preferences. Learn relaxation and coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety that affect your sleep. Achieve a deeper and more restful sleep that improves your physical and mental health. Sleep Sense is a personalized and flexible service that adapts to your goals and progress. You can choose the number and frequency of sessions that work best for you. You can also access online resources and support to reinforce your learning and practice. Sleep Sense is based on scientific research and proven methods that have helped thousands of people improve their sleep and well-being4. Whether you have chronic insomnia or occasional sleep difficulties, Sleep Sense can help you sleep better and feel great. Don’t let poor sleep affect your quality of life. Contact Sleep Sense today and discover the benefits of clinical hypnosis and lifestyle changes for your sleep.

Cancellation Policy

If any unforeseen circumstances mean that you cannot attend a confirmed session you can ask to re-schedule the session. This can only be done if you give 24 Hour notice and it is at sole discretion of practitioner and is considered on per case basis. By booking this session I understand that, sessions with practitioner are structured as such, any delay of 10 minutes or greater it is not possible to hold the session and that I am liable to pay for the session in full. I also understand that cancellations are not possible and are at sole discretion of care provider. If a session is cancelled with an advance notice of seven days, I am still liable for 50% of the invoice value of the session. Please note that the deposit amount is used to book your slot and hence will not be refundable.

Contact Details

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